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by investing as low as ₹500 per month

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Save now buy later for 70+ top brands

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Why Blance?

Upto 25% Returns

Auto savings with10% p.a. returns and brand funding for any savings goal

Zero commitments

Create a saving goal without selecting the brand, or switch the brand on maturity

Fast-track your goal with credit

Never miss a goal by taking credit for remaining amount

10% returns on cancellation

Fixed 10% interest p.a. on your savings even if you cancel your goal

Let's re-imagine savings & rewards

On every ​₹1000 savings we beat your bank by ₹210*

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*Please note: The discount percentage offered on each saving goal varies and is dependent on the time period.

Earn unlimited by referring to your friend & family

Also, get amazing prizes as you go!


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